السبت، 23 يناير 2016

Great Image !!

 Great Image !!

Great image !! .. But you have to remember those killed in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. You ruined countries, killed innocent and displaced peoples under the pretext of human rights and freedoms.

You are fighting in a battle with no meaning, you think it is a war for the United States and insult your people when you are trying to convince them for world peace.

World peace can not be achieved from the deployment of the chaos, funding of separatist movements and support for extremist religious groups.

World peace is achieved justice and dissemination of the principles of tolerance and goodness, so are the actions and ethics of the great country .

You ruined the world, published hatred and created a brutal terrorism, they are to be output in your imagination is the new Middle East making and you forget that we are peoples their faith is gluing the ground and love homelands.

Get out. Will be remembered by history as a murderer and a terrorist.